The House Worship Team

“Worship creates an atmosphere where eternity touches time; Where Earth and Heaven are in sync; Where anything is possible.”

Here at The House we love to worship and we value the opportunity for all who come into our context to encounter the Lord. We often hear testimonies about people coming into our worship services and being healed, saved, and set free simply by encountering the Presence of the Lord!

As a worship community there are many values that have shaped our times of encounter in the Lord’s presence. And, as worship at The House continues to grow, it is important that as a community we establish the following values not only when we come together to worship corporately, but in our daily lives as well. 


1. We Worship Because He Is Worthy

  • We Worship because Jesus is worthy to receive all of our thanks, praise, adoration and exaltation. [Isaiah 6:1-3 & Revelation 4:11]

2. Worship Transforms Us Personally

  • One true encounter with God will mark a life and often be the origin of calling and purpose. [Acts 9:1-19 & Revelation 1:9-17]
  • Thanksgiving and Praise positions our hearts to encounter His presence and aligns our lives to be useful to the Kingdom. [Psalm 100]
  • When people encounter the presence of the Lord, they encounter the answer to their problems. [Psalm 27]

3. Worship Transforms Our World

  • Worship sets the same atmosphere as Heaven. [Matthew 6:10 & Revelation 4:8-11]
  • Worship declares Jesus’ Lordship over all we face and can shift a person’s perspective both naturally and spiritually. [Psalm 22:3]

Our roles as worship leaders can also shape our times of encounter in the Lord’s presence. So, as we continue to usher the corporate body into encounters it is important that we intentionally steward ourselves and our teams with the following responsibilities in mind.


  1. Primarily, we are worshipping the Lord ourselves.
  2. However, our responsibility as a leader is to create an atmosphere where people can freely encounter the Lord for themselves. This requires us to be deliberate in our choices to not disengage from what is happening in the room. It is our job to lead the congregation into the place of encounter, which sometimes means serving others over our own personal aim.
  3. Worship creates an atmosphere where Eternity touches Time; where Earth & Heaven are in sync. Anything is possible when God’s people are walking in unity with heaven.
  4. Music was created by God to awaken man’s soul. It is a powerful and dynamic gift.
  5. Creativity releases wisdom and solutions and demonstrates the divine nature that man was originally created to walk in.
  6. Singing God’s Word brings breakthrough, freedom and courage to people.
  7. Worship gets people’s eyes focusing on the reality of who God is and minimizes the temporal experiences of this life. It sets eternity in hearts.
  8. Having a clean conscience before God and before men is critical to authentic ministry.
  9. Having excellence in musicianship is important because Music is a vehicle created to bring glory to the Lord. We want to bring our best gifts as an offering. Poor sound or disharmony are distracting and often focuses people’s attention on the out of tune instrument or person instead of the Lord.

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