What to Expect

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Untitled design(4)WELCOME TO THE HOUSE!

We’re so glad that you’re interested in joining us for a worship service.  We gather each weekend at 6:45pm Saturday evenings and 10:00am Sunday mornings. Coffee is available in the foyer on Sunday mornings before service so come a little early and grab a cup before service! Also there is a Welcome Center as you walk in where you can ask any questions you may have!

This is what a typical service looks like:


We love to worship together here at The House and we value the opportunity for all who come into our context to encounter the Lord. Each service begins with worship music, art and dance.  (You can learn more about the prophetic dance teams and painting teams during worship here!) Our worship leaders lead with passion and excellence and create and environment where you’ll feel free to experience the presence of the Lord and express yourself in worship.  And, if you’re new to this style of worship, you’re also free to sit, stand or be as you are! All in all, the atmosphere is casual, reflective, and open to all.

We also give offerings to the Lord as a part of the worship service and make weekly declarations over our tithes and offerings (Learn more about offering declarations here).

As part of worship we take communion together on the first weekend of each month. (We keep the kids in service with the adults for these services so that families can take communion together – the kids are then released to their classrooms after worship).


First and foremost, the teaching is based on the living and immovable Word of God.  Within that, a broad range of topics are covered, and many find the sermons are revelatory, thought provoking and challenge existing mindsets.  We’ve also compiled a few messages and teachings that those new to The House find helpful, you can access those here.


Often, there is an invitation to accept Jesus or receive personal ministry at the end of the message.  After service, the prayer team is available across the front of the stage to pray for salvation, healing, individual needs and to minister prophetically. You are welcome to to approach any of the ministry team to receive prayer.  Also, there is an atmosphere of freedom for ministering to one another and receiving from the Lord. Often the congregation will spend time praying for each other; many people have received healing and miracles as a result!  We encourage you to both offer prayer and receive prayer from other participants.

The House Kids

At The House, family comes first, and our children are a very important part of our purpose and future. The House kid’s Ministry is an intentional place of provision, protection, purpose and love!

Children age newborn to 6th grade are welcome, and parents can check their children in beginning 15 minutes before service.  You can learn more about the Children’s Ministry check-in process and breakdown of age groups here.

The House Youth

We have a Jr. High Sunday School that meets every Sunday at 10am in the green room  and a Sunday night youth service at 6:30pm. you can learn more here!

After the service

If you would like to know more about the church or have any questions, an elder is available at the welcome center and would love to connect with you! Sermon CDs as well as other great resources will be available for purchase at the bookstore in the lobby.  People often linger to fellowship and pray over one another or go out to eat after the service. We encourage you to connect with others and meet someone new!